Pillar One
    Strategic Definition

    Pillar Two
    BIM Definition

    Pillar Four
    Technology Skills Design

    Pillar Five
    Technology Skills Technical Design

    Pillar Nine

    Pillar Ten
    Asset Management

BIM Responsibilties

This summary role description has been prepared for use on projects where appointments are based on individual scopes of

Note: The role of Information Management is expected to be delivered as part of an existing appointment by a capable
resource.The role of Information Management will be incorporated into a wider appointment and the obligations described here will be added to that agreement.

Common Data Environment Management

  • Establish a Common Data Environment including processes and procedures to enable reliable information exchange between Project Team Members, the Employer and other parties.
  • Establish, agree and implement the information structure and maintenance standards for the Information Model
  • Receive information into the Information Model in compliance with agreed processes and procedures. Validate compliance with information requirements and advise on noncompliance.
  • Maintain the Information Model to meet integrity and security standards in compliance with the employer’s information requirement.
  • Manage Common Data Environment processes and procedures, validate compliance with them and advise on noncompliance.

Collaborative working, information exchange and project team management

  • Support the implementation of the Project BIM protocol including updating the Appendices
  • Liaise with and co-operate with Project Team Members and the Employer in support of a collaborative working culture.
  • Assist the Project Team Members in establishing information exchange processes, including:
    • define and agree procedures for convening, chairing, attendance and responsibility for recording “information exchange process meetings”
    • Participate in and comply with project team management procedures and processes including:
      • risk and value management
      • performance management and measurement procedures
      • change management procedures including adjustments to budgets and programme
      • attendance at project and design team meetings as required
      • agree and implement record keeping, archiving and audit trail for Information Model

Project Information Management

  • Initiate, agree and implement the Project Information Plan and Asset Information Plan covering:
  • information structure across roles e.g. software platforms (all levels of supply chain) appropriate to meet Employer requirements and Project Team resources
    • responsibility for provision of information at each Stage
    • level of detail of information required for specific Project Outputs e.g. Planning, Procurement, FM Procurement
    • the process for incorporating asconstructed, testing, validation and commissioning information
  •  Enable integration of information within the Project Team and co-ordination of information by Design Lead
  • Agree formats for Project Outputs
  • Assist Project Team Members in assembling information for Project Outputs