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Tender Inclusions

Within the tender documents issued, additional BIM outputs from the various models produced were included. While it did not seem prudent to burden the contractors with additional expense during a tender period where they were already required to interpret information in a form that they had not previously received, it was important to obtain as much benefit from the trial as possible.

As with most cost software, the software used in this project was able to export to other file types. Therefore, information was exported to external spreadsheet software so that amendments, additional information and rates could be applied by the contractors in a form familiar to them. In addition, a ‘free viewer’ version of the project-specific pricing document that showed the relationship with the design model and the pricing schedule with quantities was issued. This file could not be edited by the contractor, but various layers within the model could be switched on and off, giving the contractor clear identification of how the various measurements had been built up when read in conjunction with the measurement descriptions. This meant that queries from the measurement could be resolved by the contractors themselves in the first instance.

By providing both the spreadsheet document and the free version of the pricing document, more detailed data were provided to the contractor, but without the expense of purchasing additional software or training.

Other notable tender inclusions were:

  • BIM Protocol
  • 3D models in design software format
  • client-specific contract amendments, including specific BIM requirements; and
  • client-specific BIM protocols and procedures using EIRS