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    Strategic Definition

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    BIM Definition

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    Technology Skills Design

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    Technology Skills Technical Design

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    Asset Management

Introduction to Construction Management

So, why does BIM matter to contractors? To really understand the answer to this question, you need to fi rst look at current processes to see how information is shared, what types of technologies are being used, and what types of project delivery methods are being used. Therefore, in the following sections, we discuss  two current project delivery methods: design-bid-build and design-build. Each method in the context of five categories, specifically in regards to information and workflow:

  1. Preconstruction
  2. Communication and collaboration methods
  3. Types of documents
  4. Clarification of information
  5. Project closeout

The two main methodologies discussed are practiced using CAD technology. Although the type of project delivery varies for the purposes of this discussion, will cover the most popular methods and how information flows within each of them. As there are other types of delivery methods, these commonly practiced methods will begin to paint a picture of how information is currently shared among teams and the last method will explore a potential future means of project delivery.

BIM and the Team

What does BIM mean to other team members? Architects use it to more efficiently model their designs (it’s not drafting anymore), to generate the documents that are required of them, and to perform a host of other tasks. Designers using BIM can quickly generate rendered perspective views and animations to better communicate the project to the owner or local municipalities. Engineers can model mechanical and electrical designs to evaluate how a system will perform. Sustainability consultants, architects, and engineers can measure day lighting, recycled and reused material content, and solar orientation. In essence, any physically modelled object can be created, infused with data, analysed, scheduled, and tested.