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Charmaine Ferguson -www.ucviden.dk


The building industry is not great at accepting change and as Information Modeling makes its way onto the scene, people don’t realise this is a tool not only used in the design phase, but can be carried on to the construction and management phases of the project. There are three main stages of a building… read more »

Design and Build Method

The design-build form of project delivery is a system of contracting whereby one entity performs both architectural/engineering and construction under one single contract. Under this arrangement, the design builder warrants to the contracting agency that it will produce design documents that are complete and free from error (design-builder takes the risk). The selection process under… read more »

Design Bid and Build Method

Design-bid-build is one of the most traditional types of delivery methods practiced today. The basic concept behind design-bid-build is a linear process. The owner contracts with the architect to develop a program and then further develops the design using mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers. After the design has been solidified, the project moves into construction… read more »