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RICS: Overview of a 5D BIM project

Understanding the role of the quantity surveyor in BIM

It is important to understand how the role of the quantity surveyor could change or adapt in the future; this is because the direction of the industry is still being defined and developed in line with UK standards level 2 and 3 principles of BIM. Henry Riley research took the approach to develop a number… read more »

Objects and naming conventions for a QS

Objects and naming conventions Rather than permitting object naming to follow the typical conventions of the particular design practice responsible, or even to follow the standard families systems in design packages such as AutodeskĀ® RevitĀ® software products, it is important to agree at project inception how model objects will be named to allow them to… read more »

BIM Object detail versus cost detail

Object detail versus cost detail An important aspect to consider is how the designed objects integrate with the required cost detail. Taking the example of a concrete slab, if the costing document being used simply provides a line item for a slab there is little point in modelling a detailed build-up of all associated elements…. read more »

Tender Inclusions

Within the tender documents issued, additional BIM outputs from the various models produced were included. While it did not seem prudent to burden the contractors with additional expense during a tender period where they were already required to interpret information in a form that they had not previously received, it was important to obtain as… read more »

Post-tender review

Mid-tender interview feedback Two clear themes were identified during the mid-tender interviews: use of the BIM model; and having the correct tools and technologies. During the interviews with the various contractors it became evident that the contractor base was struggling to view and understand the 3D models. Requests for PDFs and hard-copy print outs were… read more »